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    "....the most Biodiverse Place in the World...."
                                                 National Geographic
Wildlife, Landscapes and People of the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
Giulio Ranalli Photography
Welcome to my site....
...if you live in the tropic you know how difficult is to deal with heat, humidity, bugs
and the Wild Nature that try, relentlessy, to recover what once was his territory.
Fungi, for sure, are the worst enemy that a Photographer has to face in this environment, and for years, after that all my pictures, taken in years of passionate activity like amateur in Europe, had been destroyed by these voracious organisms, I  stopped shooting with my loved F2A, and due to the fact that the Digital Cameras were still far from producing decent surrogates of the Film , I  didn't  took a real camera in my hands until a couple of years ago, when, finally, with the availability of the Nikon D300 , the sacred fire started roaring again.
From the moment I could shoot with this camera, I returned to live the experience of grabbing and save pieces of space and time, and the satisfaction and joy I prove when I get one decent picture, is so pleasant that I want to share it with anybody that feel this passion.
If do you like some of them, almost all of my pictures are available for  personal or commercial  use, I would be happy to manage for to send a copy of them to you, printed with the last materials and techniques availables on the market.
Giulio Ranalli lives and works in Puerto Jimenez, the main town of the Osa Peninsula, in the South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.
Surrounded by the calm warm waters of the Golfo Dulce on one side and the rough wild waves of the open ocean on the other,  more than one third of the land is included into the Corcovado National Park, considered the most biologically intense in the World, the area offers uniques opprtunities for the Amateur and the Pro Photographer.
Nature at its best it's not the only characteristic of the Osa Peninsula that make it unique, but the mix of people from anywhere in the world  and the result of their activities, ranging form gold panning, to tourism business, fine artists and rude loggers, Big Game Fishing fanatics and experienced entomologist, international chef and craftsmen, all together, contribute to make this area one of the most interesting for a Photographer.
with Companies, Organizations and People that live and Operate in the Osa Peninsula
If you want to see if there is one possibility  to purchase one land, lot house or farm in the Osa, get in touch with :  The Osa Peninsula Properties
If you already bought one land in the Osa or everywhere in Central America, and you want to build a state of the art Tropical Dream House, you can contact : Rare Wood Project
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In the last years the development of the digital cameras pushed a lot of pro photographer to switch to this technology, more immediate and simple in the management of image recording media, eliminating all the problems that film has : storage time, temperature and humidity, limitation in the number of shots that a camera can store without the need of change the media, etc., etc.


The good news for people that growth up with the dream of being able, when the first prize of the lottery would had been won, to purchase and USE, one of that marvellous machines like the Mamiya Medium Format, is that now, it is possible to find on the market all these systems, dismissed by these Pro, that took care of these cameras as they where their children, for a fraction of the original cost of them, delivering years and years of perfect functioning and great pictures.


So, I make true my dream of all one life, and now I own one complete system of RZ67, the best film camera ever built, and I am starting shooting in this magic format, in B&W, that I prefer for Film, but with Colour film too, developing the B&W film by myself, giving me glimpses of my photographic childhood, and obligating me to thin much more before press the shutter button, making of me a better photographer, everyday.


So, some of the B&W picture I put here are coming from this camera, while some other are took in monochrome mode with the D300 or the D70, but they are not the same…much less fascination….!!!